19/12/2011   Magnum Dynalab ― Hybrid Integrated Amplifier MD 301

When developing the Hybrid-Acoustic Circuitry™ that we first introduced in our MD 309, we knew we were onto something. In the 2-channel audio landscape, there was always a separation between those who favoured the precision and sharp detail that is characteristic of many solid-state products, and those who preferred the natural sound staging noted by the lovers of triode-driven devices. But there were trade-offs. Short tube life, compromises in sound-quality or cost considerations necessitated a difficult choice by audio lovers. So when in Magnum Dynalab we got to work in our design lab, we pushed for a novel approach.

What took almost 3 years to develop has quickly won acclaim from reviewers, industry leaders and audio lovers around the world. The Hybrid-Acoustic Circuitry™ found in our line of integrated amplifiers and receivers helped bridge a gap, delivering reference-quality audio realism and sound staging of a full triode design combined with the sharp detail and harmonics characterized by the very best solid state devices. This has been achieved while still delivering products that deliver long tube life (expected to be greater than 7 years under normal use), and high-current output capable of driving the most demanding of speakers. And it is available across a range of integrated amplifiers designed to fit a variety of listening environments.

Similar to the MD 309, MD 307 and MD 306, the new MD 301 incorporates this hybrid design in a product with an impressive list of specifications. Outputting 100 Watts into 8 Ω (200W into 4 Ω), and a flexible feature set, the MD 301 is far from 'entry-level'. Rather, it is a serious piece of audio equipment, designed for those ready to take a step forward in audio design technology.


§ Hybrid-Acoustic Circuitry™. This unique and proprietary circuitry combines the musicality, sound staging and audio realism of an ECC83 (12AX7) vacuum tube with the crisp detail, harmonics and long-life of a solid-state device.

§ Powerful and flexible. Equipped with 16 Sanken output transistors to boost current after the tube gain stage, the MD-301 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is rated at 100 watts into 8 Ω (200 watts into 4 Ω), and with the high-current output necessary to drive a wide range of high-performance speakers.

§ Simple and understated. The MD 301 is a product for audio-lovers, with the bulk of the build expense put into world-leading components and proprietary audio design features. The intuitive remote makes for easy operation, and the digital read-out provides easy-to-read feedback on the unit's function.

§ Integrate any digital source component. The MD 301 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier has an optional Digital-to-Analog converter, featuring our full-time upconverting and oversampling Burr-Brown design, 3 digital inputs (USB, optical and RCA), and seamless operation through the remote.

§ Flexible inputs. With 2 line-level pre-amp outputs (fixed and variable), 4 single-ended analog inputs (including a Surround Sound Processor input for integration with multi-channel applications), plus 3 digital inputs (if DAC option is selected), the MD-301 acts as the backbone for any home audio/video system. An optical input is also available.

§ Audio protection board. The MD 301 comes equipped with a proprietary circuit to run regular diagnostics on the device, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the unit at all times.

§ Magnum Dynalab build quality. 24K gold plated .093" thick circuit boards, a 650 VA toroidal transformer, premium RCA connectors and a burly chassis are all characteristics of our unrelenting commitment to quality.

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